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$ 115.66

Dahl Jensen Copenhagen porcelain manufactured a variety of Danish Porcelain figurines and animals. Jens Peter Dahl-Jensen was a Danish designer (1874-1960). He was trained as a sculptor at the Copenhagen Academy. In 1897 he started work at Bing and Grondahl where he stayed for twenty years as a designer. He then spent a further eight years as artistic director at their Norden factory in Copenhagen. In 1925 he started his own factory in Copenhagen, making the porcelain pieces for which he is best known. his dogs and other figurines are high quality Danish Porcelain sculptures. His company became a family company also involving his wife Martha D-J and the son Georg D-Jensen, who continued production until 1981 and after selling off all its stock, closed in 1984.

Bullfinch figure 1052 is in excellent condition with no chips cracks or repairs

105mm high