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$ 51.60

British fashion icon Zandra Rhodes designed this Royal Albert range entitled My Favourite Things. The range includes tablewaredecorated with Zandra’s signature butterfly and wiggle. Like Royal Albert, Zandra first came into the fashion scene during the 1960’s. She designed Princess Margaret’s wedding dress and is renowned for her creative use of fabrics and colour. Most recently she has worked with Urma Thurman, Kelly Osbourne and Top Shop.

The pieces on offer have never been used are all in excellent condition

Cup saucer plate trio $78 each
Coffee mug $28 each SOLD
Dinner plate 270mm $48 each
Square cake plate $58 each
Rim soup bowl 240mm $48 each
Cereal bowl $38 each
Oval bowl 230mm $58
Oval serving platter 340mm $89
Teapot $295
Milk jug $78 SOLD
Sugar bowl $78
Butterfly shape dish 300mm $79
Vase $49

Only produced from 2005 – 2008