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Charles Boardman started producing sterling silver wares (1844) but converted to electroplating in 1847 prior to enter in partnership with A.O. Glossop. Boardman & Glossop was active at 54 Pond St., Sheffield (1861-1871). The firm became Boardman, Glossop & Co in 1887 and was converted in 1895 into a limited liability company under the style Boardman, Glossop & Co Ltd (partners were William P. and Frederick P. Davis).
They were described as silversmiths, electroplaters and Britannia metal-smiths at Clarence Works, Sheffield and 16 Ely Place, Holborn, London (later at 18 Bartlett’s Building, Holborn).
The business was bought in 1924 c. by Frank Cobb & Co.
The firm traded actively with Australia and participated to the 1881 Melbourne Exhibition.
A two handled silver plate cup was the prize to the winner (J. C. Fitzgerald) of the Senior Sculls at the Warrnambool Regatta held in Victoria, Australia on 15th February 1890.

This Tea Kettle with spirit burner is beautiful quality and can be used as a pourer while attached to the stand or can be easily removed by releasing a pin and hinge which allows the teapot to be used independently. It features heavily embossed pattern to the body and top of the teapot and has ebony handle and lid. Registration number 44036 which is 1904 is stamped on the base.

250mm high
190mm handle to spout
120mm wide

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Dimensions 190 × 120 × 250 cm